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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Breaking My Fast

Oh what a joy to eat again, the gratitude I feel for food is enormous. The fast once again really made me aware of what nutrition really is about, and that is to eat in a way which supports ones connection to the Divine ('God', or if you are scared of God, then lets say 'Universe', or if that still makes you frown, then it connects you to your SELF, and that is different for everyone.

I use the word God, Divine, Universe and Self and I am comfortable with them all. Anyway what does this have to do with my fast ? Well, this is how I felt and feel right now, that I have a stronger connection to God. You see nutrition and Raw food is only a small part of a peaceful, fulfilled life. What I can say is that when I fast and eat Raw Foods I feel a sense purity, a purity which automatically points me in the direction of wanting to live in a way of peace, and it makes me feel really ALIVE. It has taken me time to feel this way, about a year and half. Until you try it, one cannot really grasp what I mean, I don't pretend to fully understand it myself and it is a continues journey whereupon I am always learning something new, and I find myself being in a way which I never thought I would, for example I remember working in a restaurant and I would get really frustrated with vegetarians, I would think 'Just eat meat and your life will be easier' because they always seemed really 'picky'. 10 years later, 'I am' a Live Food Raw Vegan, one of the pickiest eaters in the world judging by society's 'Norm'. The point to all of this is .... What was my point ? Ah yeah ... Fasting changes your life !!!

Right, enough of the soppy spiritual stuff , lets get back down to Earth and let me let out a "ROAR". Ok I am now back in my body to discuss what I ate to break my FAST !!! .. are you ready. Hang on one second... I researched a lot 'Pioneers' in raw food and Fasting to re educate my self about 'How to a break a fast' ... and everybody had a different answer... SOooooooo, I decided to ask my self " Now that I am sparkly clean inside, what do I want to En light the cells of my Body with" ... I went to my local Organic store and looked around at the fruits, as my education told me I should eat something soft, as my digestive system needs time to wake up and get going again. Scanning around it hit me, POW !!! ... ' Red Grapefruits'.. So there you have it ... exciting stuff eh .. ha.. I ate a Red Grapefruit for my breakfast. I then ate another one on my break at work at 10:30am. For lunch I did the same thing. I asked the same question in the same shop and the answer I got was " I want bananas, Flax seed, Dulse" hmmm strange combo I thought. It was a really hot day and that's when my taste buds screamed 'Coconut Water'. On the shelf next to it was 'Tahini' and my instinct said "buy it". Then I glanced in the fridge and saw a ' Soya yogurt with Probiotics', and that's when I thought, "Right, I will make a Banana shake with soya yogurt, Tahini, Ground Flax seed and coconut water". I was "ummming" and "Arrring" about the Tahini and Soya yogurt for they are not Raw, but It seemed that that's what body wanted. If I had been more prepared I could have made Raw versions of those foods. So as I was making my shake, I remembered that I had some Maca (peruvian super food for energy packed with minerals) and Bee pollen ( a MEGA nutriant rich food source) SO ... for my lunch I had a super shake, so it was not really a solid meal, which would help my digestion ease into things. IT WAS OUTSTANDINGLY TASTY and my cells were lapping all the goodness up. I was conscious of the ingredients been sweet, and wondered if that was a good thing or not, I thought maybe I should of had soft vegetables,but that was my mind thinking and not what my initial senses told me eat. I may of gone totally against any teaching of breaking a fast, but It felt like 'God' to me.

Dinner Time ~ I was not REALLY hungry, but I was kind of craving the Dulse. So I made a small green salad with chunks of Dulse, and it felt like my body sighed with delight. And that's it .. Finito !

Summary for days in take ~ I ate 2 grapefruits, 1 banana with super foods, A glass of coconut water, a small green salad with dulse.

I then had some Probiotics and Digestive enzyme supplements to help things along.

Maybe this was useful for you ... I'm now off to meditate ... blessings x

Monday, June 28, 2010

day 7 of 7 day juice fast

The final countdown,

I'm at the end of the 7 day juice fast and the feeling is BLISS. Today I woke up 05:30am and went to sun gaze. After that I meditated and practiced yoga for 4 hours in the pure sunshine. I felt totally sublime. The afternoon was spent being inspired reading 'Spiritual Nutrition' by Gabriel Cousens, whilst laying in the sun soaking up the rays.

This fast was by far the best I have completed. This is my forth fast, and the last three were much more of a physical detox, where as in this fast I also really felt my spirit being cleansed and my will power and motivation increase. I really felt like my subtle bodies were cleaned and that my physical body and subtle bodies are now able to receive more light or bio photon energy into my being.

My energy today was very high, and I felt like I could go on another few days, although I have been imaging food, and I am looking forward to taste all those different flavours again.

I have been really drawn into studying minerals at a deeper level this fast , and will write more about them soon. Actually today I have been really craving seaweed and flax seed, in which both are highly recommend foods for the electrical spark in our body. So I will be looking into increasing the amounts of these foods in my diet.

I am really over joyed at how this week went. I remember last Sunday night thinking 'Oh no, a week without food again', as I have to admit I was not really looking forward to it, although I was really feeling urge to do it. Now that's its completed, it was one of the best things Ive done this year. The thought of fasting is not as bad as actually going through it. It seems for me now that the more you do them, the easier they get, as one becomes more purified each time.

I think I will do another fast around late September going into Autumn. My aim is do a fast on each season. I totally recommend everyone to fast, it is truly life transforming and brings one into a super radiant being of health, joy and peace. For when the body is clean, the mind is able to be still, and when the mind is still, we are more able to focus on what is important in our lives rather then getting distracted by stuff we don't really need.

Next step is breaking the fast, which I will write tomorrow.

until then, thank you for following me this week ...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

day 6 of 7 day juice fast

Phew, no work today only play ...

I was really looking forward to finish work so that I could really enjoy my last 2 days of fasting with lots of rest and peace. So what did I do ?

I went to the beach ... YEAH It was a really hot day, so I went to the beach for a swim in the sea. The sea was really cold and I was shivering for about 1/2 afterwards, then I soon got warm again. I felt really cleansed after the swim so the cold water was worth it.

I felt really amazing all day, and I couldn't believe how great I felt and that I was on 6th day of the fast. In the past fasts, by day 6 I was really weak, but not this time. This shows me that regular fasting really does clean out toxins every time. Also I have been eating raw foods now for over a year so that for sure helps. My weight has dropped to 69kg, this time I can believe it as I do feel a little thinner around my ribs. I drank the usual 3 green juices and some herbal teas and of course washed down lots of water. Being in the sunshine has really helped this fast to energize me and keep me warm.

Not to much to say really today apart from that I had a dream about making a flax seed chocolate bar which tasted like coffee but had no coffee in it, so in a few days I think I will try and make it.

summary of today : Mind ~ Strong, Body ~ Strong, Spirit ~ Stronger than ever

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 5 of 7 day juice fast


Today I woke up a very sleepy and heavy, and It took me a while to get out of bed at 06:00am.

I started to think about food for the first time, and I started to think of all the raw food recipes that I want to make when I'm done. Sea weed salad with Dulse was one of them, and then I was craving flax seeds for some reason, as normally I'm not a big fan of the taste, but I really want to eat them now. I checked Gabriel Cousens book ' Conscious Eating, to see what they are all about again, and he writes that they are a super conductor of electrolytes, positive ions and of course it's great brain food with omega 3 fatty acid. Grounded whole flax seed is better than flax oil, as the oil almost always is rancid.

By mid Afternoon, I was feeling much better, back to normal you might say. I'd been drinking green juices and wheat grass and again about 3 litres of water.

I got a real feeling to the connection of the divine, and the strong sense to keep my body clean to allow this light in. Fasting accelerates this process by thinning down the cellular membrane which thickens due to the normal Western diet, sugar being the mane culprit. By fasting, the cholesterol and fungus which attaches it self the the cell is cleaned away, allowing for more bio cellular activity, thus bringing in more light into the cell.

I had a very late night, but I attended a beautiful ceremony in an enchanted garden, candles,a fire, acoustic musicians and song.

All headaches and fatigue are gone.

Summary of the day : Started weak'ish, and finished strong.

my day of feelings expressed by youtube : This song takes a few minutes to warm up and then it
kicks in ... Like me today ~see you tomorrow for day 6

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 4 of the 7 day fast

The better it gets ... the better it gets !

Again I woke this morning at 04:30am, and again I was wide AWAKE. My headache had totally gone, and my body was feeling really light and strong, I felt as If that I was not fasting. I went back to sleep and got out of bed at 06:00am. I skipped my morning juice as I was running a little late to work, so I downed a pint of water. At work through out the morning I was feeling really calm and productive. I was not fatigued at all and the morning past really quick. Again it was hot sunshine so I could benefit from the light.

Mid morning, I got a little emotional and I have to admit (the man that I am) that I had a little cry. An emotional release, showing how fasting also cleanse the soul. It felt really clearing to do so, and then I felt much more peaceful and joyful .. HAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

I slept through my lunch break for an hour, and again skipped my green juice, so I think this was the reason for my energy dip mid afternoon, I felt quite slow and light headed.

I got to catch a juice late afternoon, and as I write this blog, I am feeling really centred and confident that this fast is going really well, and that my will power will continue. I am actually looking forward to feel how I feel on day 7, as it seems to be getting easier, although anything could change. I would say actually that my calf's and hamstrings are a little tight, this is something that I remember happening on previous fasts, but in the past it was worse by now. This is giving me the indication that I am cleaner this time around.

My weight today is 71kg so I have gained a kilo since yesterday somehow !

Tonight I am going to talk about the ' Secret of Nutrition' so I am interested to know what will be discussed.

Summary of today 'Started super charged, Then a slight dip, Finishing as strong as a bull ( I'm a Taurus)

Keeping up with the theme of this week, I introduce to you my feelings of today expressed by youtube ;)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 3 of 7 day fast ...

... Well, surprise surprise, I woke up this morning feeling fresh and WIDE AWAKE. I then looked at the clock and it was 04:30am. I decided to turn over and get some more rest, although the temptation was there to get up and meditate and practice yoga, but I didn't want to risk being exhausted through out the day.

My headache has totally gone, and my body is not heavy anymore, in fact, I feel like I'm floating. I drank pretty much the same as the last 2 days ~ Spinach, Fennel and Dill today, along with herbal teas and 3 litres of water, this seems to sustain me well. Working in the garden I get to have my shirt off, so I soak up a lot of the suns rays, which I am sure really helps with my stamina and spiritual nutrition in take. Smells have become really apparent, I was walking down the road and could smell all the different types of pollen from the trees, I have never noticed that before, well not as distinguished. So I visualized my self breathing in all the pollen to be nourished by it, as explained in the 'Anastasia' books, 'The Ringing Cedars', in which I highly recommend everybody to read.

My weight is 70kg which suggests I have lost another 2kg, again, this is not true (I am pretty sure)as there is no way I have lost 4 kg in 2 days, I surely do not feel like I have, plus all my cloths still fit. If I have, then welcome to my weight loss plan !

So day 3 is coming to a close, and I am ready for day 4. Last night I did dream about eating a Ham and Salmon Bagel ... hmmmm I don't want to eat one, and in my dream I felt really let down for eating it. I think it's just cellular memory dissolving out of me. The same thing happened when I stopped drinking alcohol a year ago. I fasted and then I dreamed of drinking beer, and it never gave me the desire to start drinking alcohol again.

Summary of the day : Started off flying, then a slow dip in the afternoon, and now I am back to flying ...

I'm gonna keep posting youtube clips showing how I feel in song. A picture tells a thousand words, and this is how I felt this morning x EnJoY x

See you tomorrow for day 4

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 2 of 7 day fast ...

... Well, it seems the games have started to begin !

I woke up this morning with a throbbing headache, and it has stayed with me pretty much all day, my body was heavy,especially my legs, so I was forced to sloooooooow down walking to work at 7am this morning.

I remembered that fasting forces one to be in the present moment,because when I wasn't... the heaviness would set in. When I brought my attention to present moment, which today was weeding tomato beds mainly, I would feel much better and relaxed. I actually didn't think about FOOD that much, it was just the heaviness I felt which was distracting. By 15:30 I started to feel a lot better, and right now ... I feel great again. The heaviness has lifted, the headache is very slight, like the feeling of it fading.

I drank 3 green juices today made of of Broccoli, Spinach and fennel, I don't know why I chose those vegetables ? intuition I guess. I also had 2 shots of wheat grass and a herbal tea. I drank about 3 litres of water too. My weight is 72kg which compared with yesterday I weighed 74kg, which suggests I've lost 2kg in 24 hours, which is not true, the scales must be out.

SO I am not as strong as yesterday, the toxins must be working their way into my blood stream. I'm not sure how I will feel tomorrow, it could go either way, as I feel pretty stable right now. I'm hoping to not feel heavy. I will practice some yoga postures before bed, to circulate my energy.

The first 3 days are always the worst, so I keep reminding myself of that. From the 4Th day onwards I should start to feel better as the accumulated toxins will be releasing from my body, and I should start to feel a little bit like Superman. It's common to feel super strong around the 7 Th day mark, people then sometimes decide carry on to a 10 day fast or even another week. I will take each Day/Moment as it comes.

Summary of the day : Heavy start, but finishing strong x

This Youtube clip is what I decided to listen to whilst writing this blog, I guess it suggests how I am feeling ... See you tomorrow day 3

Monday, June 21, 2010

1st day of 7 day juice fast

After the false start last week, I'm now up and on my way into my week of Spiritual fasting. What a great day to start on the Mid summer solstice. A day of high vibrational light activity, the longest day of the year, and a great day to start anew, make new intentions, set new goals, clearly see your vision and offer yourself to God, LETTING GO... to the divinely un folding of your life.

This week I am fasting from solid food. My in take will be 'Green Juice' water and herbal tea.

So today I completed my first day fasting...

How do I feel ? Well, 2 hours ago I was feeling quite frustrated and and irritated. SO I got myself onto the Yoga Matt and stretched all the tension out of me ... AND NOW ... I feel peaceful and inspired.

I worked today from 7am til 4:30pm in my Biodynamic garden, and Im really pleased that I didn't get fatigued at all. Maybe I will be tired over the next few days, normally the 3rd day of fasting is when MOST of the toxins are released into the blood stream, waiting to be cleaned out of the system. I did have a slight headache,although after my head stand for 7 minutes on the yoga Matt it went away. SO on the whole I am feeling pretty strong. I have not thought about food that much although I'm ready for last green juice of the day, before going to bed early (9pm).I have only had 2 green juices today and a shot of wheat grass, and mostly drank water. My body weight today was 74kg. This will probably drop a little but not to much, as I have fasted a few times before, so most of the BULK of my long term toxins have been rejuvenated already. My first fast I lost 20kg over the period of 2 months ...I had alot of waste to get rid of.For more info and inspiration, check back to last weeks post on fasting and watch the youtube clip...

I like posting youtube clips, for I feel they create a certain mood. This clip I am posting now, is how I am feeling right now, REALLY LISTEN to the words, as they remind me of what It feels like to fast. I really loved the movie and the sound track is really moving ... I will write more tomorrow, to let you know how I am getting a long ... Today's summary is " So far ~ So good "

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Protein Vs Athletes

When I is was working out in the gym, pounding the weights in my late teens to mid twenties, there were TWO key ingredients to my diet ... the first was CARBOHYDRATES and the second was PROTEIN. Carbohydrates gave me the energy for my work outs and the protein was eaten for recuperation and to build muscle. My enemy was FAT and SUGAR, since i wanted to show off all my hard work in the gym. I got my carbohydrates from cooked foods like rice,pasta,vegetables and fruit and processed energy shakes, and I got my protein from egg whites,chicken,tuna and beef steaks and processed protein shakes - The results were that i grew to about 100kg in body weight and I was stacked with muscle, but the question is WAS I HEALTHY ?

NEWCASTLE, UNITED KINGDOM - OCTOBER 12:  Competitors pose onstage during the 54th annual Mr. Universe competition October 12, 2002 in Newcastle, United Kingdom. Mr. Universe, organized by the National Amateur Body Builder's Association, is the most famous of all bodybuilding shows and has never left British shores since it first took place in 1948.  (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

hmmm, well I looked healthy, but i still got very tired, i had mood swings, i would still catch illness, i craved sugar... and in my late twenties i CRASHED... WHY ??????? I have some suggestions ..... We have all heard by now the expression "You are what you eat" .... but i like to think "You are what your body can assimilate" and as an Athlete you want to be able to assimilate your food so that it can be used for MAXIMUM potential in order that YOU can become YOUR maximum potential. There is no point eating ANY food if your body cannot transfer that food into ENERGY, which as an athlete you need plenty of energy in order sustain yourself. SO WHAT'S RAW FOOD GOT TO DO WITH IT ?? ENERGY transfer happens on a CELLULAR LEVEL, studies from leading Raw food Guru and scientist Gabriel Cousens shows that eating TOO MUCH PROTEIN (including plant protein) thickens the cell base membrane, thus making it biologically harder for cells to take in nutrients and let out waste,making them less effective. So all my years of pounding in the protein to build muscle was actually making it harder for my body to absorb energy, because my cells were too thick (hence i crashed at 29).

BEIJING - AUGUST 12:  Razvan Martin of Romania drops the weight in the weightlifting event held at the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Gymnasium during Day 4 of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games on August 12, 2008 in Beijing, China.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Babies cells are very thin and porous, so that it can absorb all the nutrients needed to grow. Also, Gabriels studies have shown that the body cannot absorb animal protein as well as it can absorb plant protein. Animal protein is secondary, and an Athlete wants be No.1- not secondary. I used to have to eat 50% protein in each meal 6 times a day to build muscle and grow, it is interesting to know that our biggest growth spurt is when we are babies, studies show that breast milk contains only about 5% protein and feeds about every 2-3 hours, another sign that nature knows best. Protein also turns the blood ACIDIC, thus when the blood has too much acid its natural reaction is to balance that with something alkaline, its first point of call is Calcium, as this mineral is very alkalizing, the problem is that the calcium will be taken from the bones, this can then result in osteoporoses, not good for an athlete !!!! (green leafy salad is rich in calcium). SO my point is that if you are worried about eating raw food and how that will affect your strength and growth, you can be safe in the knowledge that LIVE RAW GREEN PLANT FOOD has all the power a natural human body needs. OH, and why not COOKED greens, well - cooking destroys the structure of protein, making it hard for the body to recognize and use.
As Gabriel Cousens M.D. leading expert in Raw food explains, when he was 23, he was a quarterback for his University American football team. Back then he could perform about 50 push ups in one go. On his 60th birthday after living 37 years on a raw live food diet he performed 600 push ups in one go, WOW !!!!! count how many you can do ?????

You can get sufficient protein from : dark leafy greens like spinach, kale, chard, spirulina,wheat grass, AFA (aphanizomenon
flos-aquae, its an algae) chlorella and also from nuts and seeds. NOT forgetting the power house supa food BEE POLLEN, the semen of the plant world, it has the ability to create LIFE, when eaten it sparks your own life force, plus it is rich in protein and all B vitamens and tons of minerals.

AND now... instead of spending time in the gym ... I use my precious time to practice yoga, with my slimmed down, more flexible body ... Try it ... you might like it ...

GRONINGEN, NETHERLANDS - APRIL 28:  Marc Quinn's piece called 'Sphinx' which is a sculpture of supermodel Kate Moss in a yoga position - is on display at the Groningen Museum on April 28, 2006 in Groningen, The Netherlands. Sphinx, drawn from real life but cast from a more flexible model, depicts Moss contorted in an extreme yoga pose. The matt white work is the first in a series of works of Moss in yogic poses planned for a future exhibition by Quinn in New York. (Photo by Michel Porro/Getty Images)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Breaking news ~ Breaking fast

I'm sorry to announce that my 7day juice fast will have to be postponed until next Monday. The reason is that I have the opportunity to attend a day 3 workshop about 'Honey Bees and Flowers' this week, and I really want to go, and I really don't want to go whilst juice fasting. I'm really interested in bee's and especially bee pollen for it's life force and rejuvenation energy. SO in the mean time, feast your eye's on this ...

Bee pollen is such an amazing food. It is super rich in the 'B' vitamins including B12,amino acid, protein,very high in minerals and trace minerals, in contains 15% lecithin which protects the nervous system and brain against all kinds of radiation. Pollen is said to contain all the elements necessary for the sustenance of human life. Pollen is good for prostate difficulties, hemorrhoids, asthma, allergies, digestive disorders, curing intestinal putrefaction, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and hay fever and posses anti aging properties. Gram for gram pollen contains 5-7 times more protein then meat, eggs, or cheese. The protein in pollen is in a predigested form and therefore easy to assimilate.

Every pollen grain has the power to fertilize and create a tree, a fruit, a vegetable, a flower. Pollen is the ultimate biogenic food. I recommend bee pollen as a part of your everyday diet. 2 table spoons is enough, although I often have more.

I did fast all day today actually and felt very strong, so I am very optimistic about lasting a whole week whilst working in the garden. Sorry again if you were looking forward this week to join me on this fast, I was really looking forward to it to. Never mind, go with flow ... until then ... BEE the change you wish to see in the world. BZZZZZZzzz

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Juice Fast Eve

Well, here I go ... 7 day juice fast coming up from tomorrow. Everyday I will document my experience. I have compleated 3 fasts in the past, although this is the first time that I will be working in my full time job as a gardener. This experience will show me just how I am truly supported and nourished ... without food, how does this happen ? The divine maybe ? Each day I will meditate and say my prayers. I will be praying for guidance for my spiritual evolution. Totally surrendering,forced to go within I will be asking the question "God, show me the way". This YouTube clip is SO inspirational, I truly hope it touches you.Peace be with you, Peace for the planet ~ Perry

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's that time of the year ...

.... The sun is shining and the day's are getting longer (in England). So that must mean one thing ... very very soon, the weather will be getting cold and the nights will be drawing in early. With that in mind, the summer solstice is just around the corner on the 21st of June. In celebration of this transition period I will be celebrating with a 7 day green juice fast .. whoop whoop. I will be writing each day on my blog about my experiences through the whole week. I will share what I drank, how I feel, and what the results maybe.... and any thing else which decides to show up !

I'm really looking forward to it, as it has been 8 month's since I did my last juice fast.

I invite you all to join me in this high summer transformational time. Cleanse your body to cleanse your mind and burn some karma drama in the process...come on lets do it together ! Check out the bottom of my blog to the link of the juice fast taking place with Gabriel Cousens M.D. in New York. this month.

Watch this space ~ The lights are on green ..... GO GO GO

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It'so Manifesto .....

I just wanted to share this ... I like it ... hope you do too ... PeAcE