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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Am I Perfect ?

I feel I have to put a disclaimer on this post. For that matter, I should probably put I disclaimer on all my posts, for I do not 'know' for certain that the things I write are in total harmony with Gods Love and Truth. You see, My Truth, and Gods Truth can mean totally different things. I can only write about how I feel (in this moment ) about the subjects of God, Love and Truth. I can only write what inspires me, and then investigate upon my the hypothesis, just as a scientist would. At present, I do not have enough proof within my own Soul to 'Know' for certain the truth about the topics I write about. Therefore, I would always suggest that you investigate the subjects of God, Love and Truth for yourself ( and any subject for that matter), so that you may come to 'Know' the Truth for yourself within your own Soul.

 Great, now that I have cleared that up, I want to write about a subject that a lot of people have been proposing to me this last week. I've have been engaging in discussions with a few people about Soul transformation, and a lot have said to me that they believe the Soul is already 'PERFECT' and we do not need to change anything. Perhaps we only need to change the way we 'Think' in order to change the Soul some friends have shared. Positive thinking sounds great and I'm sure that it is important, but I would have to disagree with the statement that positive thinking 'transforms the soul'. And, therefore, at this moment in time, I would have to disagree with the statement,... 'We Are Perfect'. For I propose, that Thinking is in the mind ... and Feeling is in the soul. By this I mean to say that it is actually our feelings which change our thoughts and not the other way around ... I know, this proclamation often makes a persons face look like they are chewing a wasp, for it's hard to get ones head around. And that's my point ... you have to feel about it ... and not think about it too much !

I've noticed that the word 'Perfect' can often be used to relieve people of taking 'personal responsibilty' in matters of Truth and Love. For example, some of my 'spiritual' friends will often say 'We are already perfect in Gods eyes, so nothing we do is wrong'. Whilst I feel this is true to an extent, I also feel it gets them off the hook in the view of taking personal responsibility for their ways of being. On the other hand, when my 'non spiritual friends' are being un loving, they may wittily confess 'Hey, come on, nobodies perfect' and thus again, they avoid taking personal responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions. Unfortunatly, the lazy part of me which resists personal responsibility is consistently being confronted with the feeling of 'IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS'... and for this reason, if the ship is sinking ... I had better grab my bucket.

In the world today unloving behaviour is extremely prevalent, although it's not so common that 'we', 'ourselves' stop and think 'hmm, I had a part to play in that interaction'. If we continually refrain from taking personal responsibility we are then liable to believe that 'the world is not perfect, and there is nothing we can do about it' ... and yes, ignorance will be bliss ... until the unloving ramifications in the world start to take dramatic effects in your personal life. Only at this point may it alert you to think 'oh gee, I am a part of the cause', but by then of course ... it could be to late.

So are we not perfect then ?

My feelings on this subject are ... I believe our Souls were created by God in total perfection, including perfect Love. Although, when we were conceived, upon immediate impact, the Soul started to 'degrade' in its perfection, through the unloving emotions of our parents and environment. Our parents themselves are often the first to admit that they were not perfect, and lets face it ... how could they have been, when their very own parents were also not perfected in Love. I must clearly stress, the key here is not too blame and judge our parents. Apart from releasing the the unloving emotions from within the parents Soul before conception, there is not much the parents can do to prevent the un loving emotions from entering the Soul of a new born, because it happens automatically. Of course, all the Loving emotions enter the Soul too. This is not about bashing parents, its just understanding from 'where' and 'why' we hold certain emotions.

With this in mind I say ' It is not necessarily our fault that we have unloving emotions within us (which sometimes we act out) but it is our responsibility to change them. If not, we will pass on these emotions to our children, making life possibly harder for them, because of yet another generations worth of unloving emotions. Understanding 'what love is from Gods view point' is another blog post all together. For the time being, I'd can share is this 'What ever unloving event enters your Law of attraction (simply put, anything which you become aware of or anything which happens to you), you were a part of its cause'. So, if you were apart of the cause, then its your responsibility to Change the cause. If not, its highly likely the same kind of events will repeat themselves. Hence, if we do not take personal responsibility, the world indeed will seemingly be getting worse, for we will always be waiting for somebody else to fix it. Before you get too depressed with me banging on about how unloving and inadequate we are, please remember I also feel there are many parts of us which are also extremely loving.

So on that note, I leave you with saying, ' Without judgement, I believe that, where we are right now in our souls progression is perfect ... although, we are not perfected in Love, the way God intended'. I'm posting a clip here from the movie 'friday night lights'. The coach gives his team a talk about being perfect. Im not sure if its totally in harmony with Gods love but I thought it fitting. Enjoy