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About me

Hi there, my name is Perry Haldenby. I was born on the 27th April 1978 in a city called Hull in the North East of England.
I’d like to use this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself, so that you can get to know me better.

Firstly, I’d just like to say how privileged I feel to be able to share myself and my experiences with you, especially in regards to my experience with my relationship with God. It feels such a blessing that I have received a portion of Gods Love, so much so, that I feel compelled to want to share my experiences with you – without this reception of God’s Love, my story would be very different.

My life before receiving God’s Love was just as valid and as worthy from God’s point of view as my life is right now, however, what I can now share with you, is how my soul has opened up, changed and grown physically and emotionally since the reception of God’s Love. I am excited to share this with you, mainly because I know that if you yourself put into practice that which I have, in regards to longing to receive God’s Love, I know that your soul will change dramatically, and you will potentially feel more love, joy and happiness in all areas of your life, knowing that you would receive God’s Love, for me – warms my heart, because I know the profound effect it would have on your life.  Love is the richest gift we can ever give or receive.

God has not always been a passionate discovery for me. I did not grow up in a religious or spiritual based belief family or environment. Quite the opposite really. I grew up in the stereotypical single parent, run down housing estate, which was prevalent with crime, drugs and violence. For this reason, growing up, I had always yearned for a better life. I believe this yearning eventually brought me to feel God – I felt that there must be a better ‘way’ to live.

I wasn’t very academic at all in school, I was very much the sportsman (not that you can’t be both). I played and had a passion for every sport going. I would have loved to be a sports professional. I didn’t pass many school exams at all really, although my favourite subjects were Biology and English and of course Sports – Realising that I would not become a professional sportsman, the thought of becoming a Physiotherapist excited me, I was fascinated with the human body –  unfortunately I didn’t cut the grades and never made it to University. Instead, at eighteen, I moved to the Canary Islands. Living there, I learnt fluent Spanish and started my career as a travelling bartender, eventually opening a chain of cocktail bars and restaurants in the UK.

Just before hitting thirty, my passion for the bar culture ran dry, and I had this internal ‘feeling’ that I wanted to ‘clean’ myself up and live a different way to all the booze, parties and long nights that I had previously been living. Firstly, I changed my environment – I quit the bars and went back to school and studied ‘Shiatsu’ a Japanese healing form. Secondly, I then changed my physical body. I did various cleansing techniques like ‘water fasting’ and ‘colonics’, very soon after this I became vegan and also learned for two years how to be a gardener, growing my own food. Thirdly, as time went on, I started to read ‘spiritual’ material and so my ‘mind’ started change and become aware of  certain patterns of behaviour within myself. After a few years of physical and mental changing experiments, I was lastly shown ‘The Way’ on how to change myself ’emotionally’… this I can’t tell you strongly enough – was a God send!

I was introduced to God’s ‘Way’ through watching Jesus present a seminar called ‘The secrets of the Universe’. My soul started to sing, and even now as I write, I am welling up with gratitude for receiving these teachings. Very soon after watching the seminars online – I jumped at the chance to visit Mary Magdalene and Jesus present a series of seminars in Greece. I was attracted to the Truths presented instantly, and even back then, I had a feeling that I would one day love to teach / spread the word of Divine Truth. Since then, I have been attempting to apply this process in my life. I helped organise a handful of Divine Truth seminars here in the UK which Jesus and Mary presented.
I can feel the potential change for humankind and the planet by following ‘God’s Way’ of life, and thus, I am very passionate about developing my relationship with God. It is my hope that I will continue to grow in Love. I have been inspired so much by Mary and Jesus and I am very grateful for their support and inspiration. I must also thank my ‘spirit guides’ and God for their everlasting Love for me.

I originally started this Blog as a place for people to read and learn about my life in regards to my transition from a meat eating diet, to that of a raw vegan diet. So a lot of the original posts are regarding the physical body and food. As time past, and I was developing in character and nature, my blog became a place where I could write about the transformation of my Soul. And so now, as the reader, you will notice that my posts are now more related to my experience following 'The Way' - my relationship with God.

As suspect as I mature and develop (hopefully) so will my writing. It is not certain that everything I believe and write as True 'now' will be true in the future. This is because I am continuously learning. However, some principals and Laws that I have discovered will always be absolute Truth, and therefore not will not change. I therefore encourage the reader to discover the Truth for themselves.

I do not claim to have all the answers. My writing is way for me to creatively express myself, in the hope is that it may inspire the reader.

So on that note, thank you for taking the time to read about me.

Lots of Love


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