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Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Curse

O what if?
and who is he? are you sure that is his name?
Shall I? shan't I? Can I? Can't I?
it all just feels the same...
to me.
YES it is!
... hmmm, but what if it is not?
the merry-go-round sustains,
if it is then I can triumph,
but if it's not then I'm insane.
O God
O God
O God O God, what is this all about?
Well my Son,
your'e afraid to believe,
and thus are cursed with Doubt!

Sunday, January 22, 2017


i couldn't see,
it couldn't be,
for she did everything for me
bite the hand that fed to me?
Are you suggesting that she, she...

i slump slowly to the ground,
i'm in a corner
my back against an old, bare, worn-out grey brick wall
the vagabonds home.
as I slide down my jacket rides up my back nearly over my head,
leaving the skin it was protecting
feeling the cold of the bricks shudders short sharp gasps in my body
my legs stretch out and fall apart, my feet surrender outwards, and my eyes gaze upon a spot in between them.
my palms lay flat on a thin layer of settled snow, my pale blue fingers spread apart,
where is the ground?
oh there it is,
as the snow makes my bum wet.
i'm collapsed on frozen concrete and I feel my weight
i'm heavy
but I'm too startled to move
and in any case
i know now
its time to stay still
however uncomfortable
my chin falls to my chest
i'm exhausted,
i'm exhausted.
i'm exhausted.
i exhale a long breath of air
a cold and misty fog suspends around my face
the war is over,
the war is over.
the war is over.
and I feel
she she
she was there for me
for me
my needs full filled
is everything ok in there little boy

i see you

i hear you

i feel you.

in the distance I hear the faint sound of an ambulance

i couldn't see,
it couldn't be,
for she did everything for me
bite the hand that fed to me?
are you suggesting that she, she...


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

the principal of preclusion

science or spirituality.
the agelong squabble.
ow fiddlesticks.

does science not say that two or more identical fermions cannot occupy the same quantum state within a quantum system simultaneously.


does spirituality not say that Truth cannot enter a point in the soul where there is Error already present.

need i say more...

Monday, December 19, 2016

Written on your face

Said one man to another, "I'm going to say a sentence and I want to see if you can tell if I'm lying or telling the Truth".
Said the other, "ok".
Said the man, "Yesterday, when I came home from work I stopped by the tavern for a tipple of brandy".
Said the other, "You're lying!".
Said the man, "You're correct, but how on Earth could you know so quickly?"
Said the other, "You paused before speaking, and in that hesitation you sculpted a lie".
Said the man "You clever wit. Lets try again, but this time, I will not utter, I'm just going to think of the sentence and that way you cannot tell if I'm pausing". The man stood still and without speaking, nodded his head to acknowledge he was now thinking of the sentence. When he was done the man nodded his head once more and said "Ok, was I lying or telling the Truth?".
Said the other "You were lying!".
Said the man, "But how is that possible? What are you? A reader of the mind".
Said the other, "I am not a reader of the mind, but I did indeed interpret the flickers in your eyes". Said the man, "You sneaky devil. Ok, you got me twice, but you cannot possibly catch me out thrice for I have a grander idea. I'm going to do it again but this time not only will I just think of the sentence, I am going to turn around so that you cannot see my eyes". The man slowly turned his back, and then abruptly held up his hand to instruct that he was beginning to think of the sentence. When he was done, he cast down his arm and turned 180 degrees. Upon facing the other he said, "Was I lying or telling the Truth?".
Said the other, "You were lying!".
Said the man, "Damn it, I'm flabbergasted, you guessed correctly by and by, how could you fathom such a thing, are you a magician? You couldn't hear my voice falter and neither did you witness my eyes. Please... tell me your secret!"
Said the other, "Oh, it wasn't difficult. Before you turned around I counted Seven wrinkles upon your brow, and when you faced me yet again I simply counted Eight wrinkles - you see, the Truth was written on your face"

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Oh Truth

Oh Truth...you found me,
and I hid in every place,
I skipped a thousand borders so I could hide my face,
I forged a thousand passports so I could hide my name,
I told a thousand lies so I could hide my shame,
I ran from a thousand sunsets for I thought that you would blame...
 you didn't...
 ...You held my heart and held me close and said that it's Ok,
you opened up your home to me and said that I could stay,
you made a bed so I could rest and let my body lay,
I thought the Truth would harm me Lord,
but Love was all it gave,
the lies will never heal my soul,
for only Truth can save.

Oh Truth...you found me.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Veil

The life as they knew it was shattered,
...the veil was lifted,
and the world stood still like startled stalagmites, mouths a jar in disbelief,
"How could we have never... kno-wn" they stumbled.
But those who passed from yester years did not stumble or wade in disbelief.
They did naught but run and smile with open arms,
Truth and Love pursued their message, "Alas, we have waited so long for you to see us, now you must believe and now you will not fear "
And in that moment the stalagmites melted as their loved ones from bygone held their hands.

Friday, July 29, 2016


Black can never mix with White in the presence of Love and Truth.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Woe to the wonder

There is a love that is blossoming,
and it is magnificent.

I must add that this love has very rarely been seen before,
quite literally...
It was a while ago that a man decided,
and a while ago since he departed.

But he is back now,
and I ought to tell you that he didn't come alone.

I'm glad they returned.
I'm as glad as a field of sunflowers at dawn,
for it was a long dark night in Yorkshire.

I listened to him you know,
that man,
the man who came back.
I listened to what he had to say about love.
And I can tell you,
I hung on every word...
a tear of truth rolled down my cheek.

He talked of a love that I had imaged when I was child,
woe to the wonder,
woe to the innocence.
For a while, I didn't know where that child went.
It was like he ran away from me, not wanting to be found.
Although I caught him once when he wasn't looking...
but it was easy to catch him then though,
for he,
he was sat silently still-
gazing out of an autumn window,
just staring,
...not smiling,
I called his name to surprise him with a gift,
but... he was too far gone out to sea,
life capsizing...
What happened to all those promises?
Back then tears didn't roll down my cheeks,
they just froze in my heart.

Well anyway,
I wish not to burden you any further with my days of yore,
but the man who came back,
you know,
the one who talked of the love that I had once imagined...
...I can't thank him enough.

Woe to the wonder.
Woe to the innocence.
There is a love that is blossoming,
and it is magnificent.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Believe the hype

Speak O little one,
And when you speak, speak with your eyes,
for your eyes do not lie.
Fear not, and pay lip service to your hearts desires.
Speak from your heart.
Speak in Truth,
and believe the hype.

Stand O little one,
And when you stand, face the Sun and beam with confidence.
Fear not, you are Gods creation, thus hold Faith no shadow will cast behind you.
Stand from your heart
Stand in Truth,
and believe the hype.

Express O little one,
And when you express, show yourself, for nobody can see you hiding behind the wall.
Fear not, the world awaits your glory, and your glory they shall receive.
Express from your heart
Express in Truth,
and believe the hype.

Sunday, April 10, 2016


You believe that you cannot Love your enemies,
and to prove your claim you wield a sword of justice and call it Love,
but I tell you that you are wrong.
You desire not to desire.
You desire not to learn
You desire not to leave your comfort.
But I tell you, lest you change your hearts desires to know the Truth of Love, the pillow which rests your head at night, will become the pillow where loved ones will lay flowers.
So do not think you cannot change.
Even I just yesterday would have told you that I have a Soul.
Save today I know that I am a Soul.
Let us pray.