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Friday, August 1, 2014

My Rainbow City experience - Love in Action

So what is Rainbow City and how did I get to experience it ?

 On the home page to Rainbow City, the opening line states "Our goal is to create a platform for people to live their Truth, and empower from within ".  www.rainbowcityuk.com/

I met Anthony and Gina just over a year ago when I was working at 'SAF' vegan restaurant, they popped in for food one night before Anth was DJ'ing at a party. I knew straight away when I saw them both that they were on a mission, both beaming, full of passion,smiles and in Love. We got talking, and of course we all shared a lot of the same visions and passions regarding health, fitness and the development of Love for humans and the planet. At the time I was at a pretty low point, life had hit me with a few twists and turns, the wind had been knocked out of me, and so meeting these two was such a blessing. They reignited my desire for what was possible as a human, and they reminded me what is needed to take things to the NEXT LEVEL !

I would later see them both now and again at the 'Paravana' parties which Anthony hosts with his friends in London www.paravanaproject.com. We would have little catch ups as to where we are at, and talk about what is going on for us all. It was at one of the parties this year in May, sat on the roof top in the hot sun, deep house music in the back ground that than Anthony said to me 'Mate, we're set up now, are you coming to Portugal or what ? You've been saying that you have wanted to come for a while now, I know it's gonna be massive for you, I know its gonna help you take things to the Next level , just come mate ... if not now ? when ? ( 'Next level' and 'If not now, when' are now a part of my vocabulary ) . Two days later, I went online and booked my flights . First rule of taking things to the Next level is 'ACTION'. (if you see what these guys have built in just eight months, you almost wouldn't believe it ... action )

So whats going on in Portugal you might be thinking ?

Well, it's here in the mountains of Portugal that Anthony and his friend Dan bought land at the beginning of this year, with the desire to take their lives to the ... yes you've guessed it ... the Next level ! This creation however is not just taking their own lives to the next level, it is also contributing to the greater good. Anth often says 'What's healthy and Loving for me, will also ultimately be healthy and Loving for the planet'.

So what does Next level living look like ? This - WOW !!!

So these are the Domes that I stayed in. Both have 2 bedrooms on raised platforms inside. Both equipped with kitchens. Dome 1 is the yoga fitness, DJ space ( with mega speakers). Dome 2 is the movie, educational  youtube room and it also has a bathroom. The hot or cold shower is outside, awesome experience getting washed with nature in the sun !

Both are unique in their energy, just depends on your desire as to which one you feel best at home in. That's another amazing feature at Rainbow City, you are encouraged to do what ever you feel like doing, but of course, your actions would require the boundaries of Love. There is never a sense of 'You have to do this or you have to do that', and that's because Love never forces anyone to do anything, and so through this experience, I really got to experiment with my free will, its really liberating, and its what is missing in our general society, hence why we often feel so controlled in our daily lives. By the way- there are no alarm clocks at RC.

Taking away control, empowering self motivation and personal responsibility in the direction of Love is what I really felt whilst staying at Rainbow City.

How are those qualities playing out at RC ? Well, for starters, they have taking personal responsibility by sourcing their own shelter, water, food, and solar energy. Providing these resources for yourself is a MAJOR step into self Love, the reason being is because when you are providing for yourself, there is no demand or expectation coming out of your Soul saying 'The government or a business or whoever should provide these resources for me'. Why is this a major step into Self Love? Because demands and expectations are not Loving, its that simple. The more personal responsibility you take for your own life, the more Love you will feel in return. Where are you not taking personal responsibility in your own life ? Always an important question to ask on the path to Love and Freedom

I naturally lent myself to the garden. Weeding, watering and clearing shrubs to expose the abundance of grapes which litter the borders of the garden. I had forgotten how truly amazing growing food is. I fell in love with it again. I was a bio dynamic gardener in England for two years in the past, but it had been a while since I had my feet in the soil ... I felt truly blessed. When you grow your own food, your sense of appreciation deepens far beyond you could imagine, this is because you value the hard work and effort that it has taken you to grow your own food, you literally receive the fruits of your labour- and thus you grow in Love. I especially loved watching the clean lines of carrots and beetroot tops grow in their rows, they should be ready to harvest now, that I wish to see ! On the land there is also an abundance of fruit trees, close to five hundred I think, sound like paradise or what ... free food, free water, free energy ... FREE - DOM !

Raw organic vegan food is one of the main focuses at RC. And right behind that core value is physical fitness.
In London I have been used to living 'the raw vegan fitness lifestyle' for around 6 years, however, I was well aware that I was not at the top of my game, I knew what my addictions were in the vegan junk food world, and I knew that I was not as fit as I could be. This, I must say,  all became exposed when I arrived at RC.
To be honest it was a little disheartening to come face to face with that truth, to realise that I was not entirely living my life in London to the full potential of what was possible in regards to health and fitness. I had to eat some humble pie and ask myself  'Why am I not loving myself enough to provide my body with more exercise and the most nutritious organic food available to me' ? As disheartening as it was, the beauty of this truth uncovered was that I decided to change ! Everyday for two weeks I was 100% raw and I did yoga for 1.5 hours a day at least, and I bashed out a few circuit training sessions on the pull up bar with press ups and sit ups.

After the first week, my body literally started to change shape, and my desire had returned to take my health and fitness to the Next level. Eight days in the subject of water fasting was a hot topic between us. And so that was it, we decided to do it ! I have done a seven day water fast in the past, but this time I just did two days, as I was due back to London, and so I wanted to break my fast and enjoy the lavish fresh fruit that was available here. However, those two days had a massive impact on my being on every level. Excess fat dissolved, my body toned and detoxified, I felt trimmer and swifter around the garden. Also my will power and excitement turned up a notch, and I began to really love myself again and I was sure more than ever that on my return to England I would not slip back. And I haven't ... not even nearly !

Anth and I spent most mornings sitting on the decking with a green tea, feeling the sun warm up. We chatted at lot, and I got to have some great self reflection time. One of the things which inspires me most about Anthony is his 'No Fear' attitude - TO EVERYTHING ! We talked a lot about fears and I realised that I have more fear than him in certain areas, but that's Ok, Im aware now, and I know what needs to be done. Anth explained how this project tested him on every level possible, and was the most challenging time of his life, however, the lessons and growth accomplished will never be lost. That's the thing with Desire, when you go for what you 'think' you want, Gods laws and the universe will make it possible for you to achieve it, but be aware, you may also have to face every fear and block in order to achieve what you want - How much do you want it ? But there is a sweetness in smashing through your fear, because when you do, your Soul expands in Love and you get to feel and embody the power of that. I learnt a lot from our green tea chats. Truthful chats are the key though. Truth and Love fit together like a glove. Truth is like a hammer which cracks open the heart for Love to enter. "Telling the Truth and making somebody cry is better than telling a lie and making someone smile "- Paulo Coehlo. Gotta be prepared for those kinda talks on this path to Love.

So how would I some up my time at Rainbow city. Well, Anthony was right when he said to me that coming over to Portugal would be massive for me. I feel the best I have ever felt in my Life, RC did for me what it says on the tin 'Created a platform for me to be empowered from within'. I left Portugal feeling more powerful and healthy then when I went in. I was back on track.  My experience staying at RC has truly inspired me and I am living each day back in London Next level. I feel a huge well of gratitude that Anthony had the courage to follow his dream, because its inspired me greatly to follow mine, take action and to face my fears. And that's the power of Love you see, its infectious, and so I encourage you to follow your dreams - and if the whole world followed their Loving dreams, we would create Peace on Earth.

Just before going to Portugal I had being praying to God for assistance in my growth and development. I truly believe my prayer was answered, and that I had been guided to Rainbow City Portugal, because here I was able to embody and feel about the many necessary purposes of life and reflect on the purpose of my own life. Being here I was able to see what it means to take Action on a superior level and to walk the walk.  Because of our connection and contribution to each others lives, I have been invited to stay in Portugal anytime I want to help co-create this patch of Paradise on Earth, so watch this space guys, you never know what dreams may come ! I just have to decide really ! We all do ... and together we can do it ... just decide x