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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Your life in the passion wagon

When my heart felt this Love from God it over flowed and broke me into tears, for at last I felt it to be True. All the theory I had learned was finally in my heart ... God exists, and not only that... God loves me ... Always.

It took me a long time to feel this, and I had doubted it many times, but when it happened, there was no denying it ... my heart cracked open and the love poured in. 

Now, there is no way for me to share this feeling with you, for words cannot express it. Even if I did have the words to convey it, you still couldn't believe me, for it is a feeling which has to be felt in your own heart ... so you have to become the seeker.

Mark 6:52

for they had not understood about the loaves; their hearts were hardened.

So why doesn't everyone feel Gods Love easily ?

Well, I realised that you have to 'really want to receive this Love from God, with a 'passionate burning desire ' ...Why ? because God wants us to live a passionate burning desirous life ... Why would we choose a luke warm life ? Only because of fear right ?  Passion and desire are the ingredients to a fulfilling life, when mixed with Love 'miracles' happen ! ... Follow your passions and desires, don't give into fear.

So why does God wait to feel your passion and desire ?

Well, I believe this is how God teaches us how to lead a passionate life ... and to also teach us about the loving use of free will.

What happens when I receive Gods Love ? 

In my experience, when I receive Gods love, its like all MY IDEAS about myself and the universe become in alignment with how God feels about me and the universe, and thus I learn Gods Truths ... the absolute Truth.  Any belief that I had which was not in harmony with Gods Truth becomes corrected, and then the Love in my life and the Love in my heart becomes refined and more pure, because my Truth is now in alignment with Gods Truth, the Creator ! ( its like having an instruction book )

A lot of people who read this wont have much of a clue what I am talking about, and I didn't understand this myself until recently. A few years ago I absolutely did not believe in God. If this information interests you, send me a message I can direct to all the information you need to learn about what I am talking about.

I had to process many emotional blocks in my heart to even begin to be in a state of receiving of Gods Love. I remember my first block was to even recoginse that I had soul. I cried for about an hour non stop when I felt that I actually had soul. This grief came from understanding that I had spent 33 years of life denying and suppressing my very own soul, this was a major step for me being able to feel my emotions. Again, you may 'think' you have a soul, but 'feeling' you have a soul is something different all together. Its very emotional.

Whence I could feel my own soul, the next logical step in my experiment was to ask/pray to be able to feel Gods soul, to see if she really existed. Eventually, after lots of prayer and emotional processing through my own 'passionate burning desire' to know the Truth, I eventually felt Gods soul, and I eventually felt Gods Love enter my soul. Again, this made my cry as it was so overwhelming.

 From this experience, I realised that if I am to receive Gods love, then I am gonna be overwhelmed every time, and through this experience, I broke through another one of my blocks, 'my embarrassment' of being overwhelmed . I realised that feeling overwhelmed helped me feel more 'Alive', which is the whole point of life right ?  To feel Alive !

 But often we shut down our overwhelming feelings in front of others for the simple fact that we feel embarrassed or ashamed of what people will think of us when they see us overwhelmed ... we gotta hold it together right ? Wrong !  Allow yourself to feel overwhelmed with your emotions, its the key to feeling alive and the key to being Real.

When you allow yourself to feel overwhelmed, you open your heart to feel overwhelmingly Loved and overwhelmingly happy and overwhelming things will start to happen in your life, things you never thought possible. Sometimes through the process you may have to experience some overwhelming pain, but in the end the Joy will remain in your heart.

 Imagine if the whole world followed their dreams, followed their passions, followed their desires, followed their Love - and not only that, but also prayed to feel the Love from God which I speak of, this Love which transforms your soul into the most incredible human you have ever seen or been - to grow into the 'perfected soul' in Love ... It literally would heal the world.

So go on, do yourself and the world a favour, tip yourself over the edge, take yourself out of your comfort zone, allow yourself to be overwhelmed and live the life you desire.
Now then, the road is long, and road is narrow, and it might be a struggle, but Hey ... wouldn't it be worth the pursuit ? I think it would...

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” - Paulo Cohelo