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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

the principal of preclusion

science or spirituality.
the agelong squabble.
ow fiddlesticks.

does science not say that two or more identical fermions cannot occupy the same quantum state within a quantum system simultaneously.


does spirituality not say that Truth cannot enter a point in the soul where there is Error already present.

need i say more...

Monday, December 19, 2016

Written on your face

Said one man to another, "I'm going to say a sentence and I want to see if you can tell if I'm lying or telling the Truth".
Said the other, "ok".
Said the man, "Yesterday, when I came home from work I stopped by the tavern for a tipple of brandy".
Said the other, "You're lying!".
Said the man, "You're correct, but how on Earth could you know so quickly?"
Said the other, "You paused before speaking, and in that hesitation you sculpted a lie".
Said the man "You clever wit. Lets try again, but this time, I will not utter, I'm just going to think of the sentence and that way you cannot tell if I'm pausing". The man stood still and without speaking, nodded his head to acknowledge he was now thinking of the sentence. When he was done the man nodded his head once more and said "Ok, was I lying or telling the Truth?".
Said the other "You were lying!".
Said the man, "But how is that possible? What are you? A reader of the mind".
Said the other, "I am not a reader of the mind, but I did indeed interpret the flickers in your eyes". Said the man, "You sneaky devil. Ok, you got me twice, but you cannot possibly catch me out thrice for I have a grander idea. I'm going to do it again but this time not only will I just think of the sentence, I am going to turn around so that you cannot see my eyes". The man slowly turned his back, and then abruptly held up his hand to instruct that he was beginning to think of the sentence. When he was done, he cast down his arm and turned 180 degrees. Upon facing the other he said, "Was I lying or telling the Truth?".
Said the other, "You were lying!".
Said the man, "Damn it, I'm flabbergasted, you guessed correctly by and by, how could you fathom such a thing, are you a magician? You couldn't hear my voice falter and neither did you witness my eyes. Please... tell me your secret!"
Said the other, "Oh, it wasn't difficult. Before you turned around I counted Seven wrinkles upon your brow, and when you faced me yet again I simply counted Eight wrinkles - you see, the Truth was written on your face"

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Oh Truth

Oh Truth...you found me,
and I hid in every place,
I skipped a thousand borders so I could hide my face,
I forged a thousand passports so I could hide my name,
I told a thousand lies so I could hide my shame,
I ran from a thousand sunsets for I thought that you would blame...
 you didn't...
 ...You held my heart and held me close and said that it's Ok,
you opened up your home to me and said that I could stay,
you made a bed so I could rest and let my body lay,
I thought the Truth would harm me Lord,
but Love was all it gave,
the lies will never heal my soul,
for only Truth can save.

Oh Truth...you found me.