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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Up Date / forgiveness

Been so busy with lots of work, training courses and personal 'stuff ', so not had time to write. Hopefully I can write a blog post very soon. Just been reminded about how ' forgiveness of self ' is a big part of 'love of self ' . I was starting to beat myself up for not having time or strong enough desire to write a blog post, so it was a blessing to be reminded of ' self forgiveness'. There is no rush ... patience my brothers and sisters. Patience is huge in the subject of ' love of self '. I find I have a huge list in my mind of all the things 'I could be', 'could of done','could of been', 'should of done', 'things I did and shouldn't have done' ... All these cudda wudda shudda ways of being are very damaging in the process of 'love of self' ... So I am relieved to be reminded of ...... SELF FORGIVENESS.

and if you feel that something has happened to you which feels un just. It probably is un just...

and If you ever want to blame yourself ... remember, its not your fault.

With Love and Joy ... Perry

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Passion, Desires and Prayer

Prayer ...

I sometimes feel that in this modern world the word 'Prayer' freaks people out. The Truth is ... It freaks me out when I mention to people that 'I' myself pray, and thus, I don't tell many people. I also have some fear about my NEW way of being, because I get this timid feeling that my OLD friends and family will reject the new me. Will they think I'm crazy if I start using words like 'Prayer', 'Faith', 'Love', 'Soul', 'Divine Love', 'Soul mate', 'God', 'Fear', 'Law Of Attraction', 'Cause and Effect', 'Addictions', 'Humbleness' 'Forgive' and 'Truth' ... I feel that the world judges me as being 'WEAK' if I choose to communicate using these words. Just see what happens to peoples reactions when they see a 'loving' man striding down the street with a bouquet of flowers for his other half, the women coo at him in sweetness, and with a feeling of softness raise a hand to their hearts, and the men boo him with bravado and clasp their hand in a way to show how he is pathetically 'under the thumb'. The words I just outlaid may sound 'biblical', and although this is not directly true, it is enough to turn people off straight away these days. I would conceive that the majority of humans do not know or fully understand the true meaning of such language. I believe those words to be the most powerful feelings and attributes one can cultivate within themselves.

SO ... Prayer ? ... Who actually prays apart from priests and nuns right ? Prayer is a huge subject, and I is a seemingly taboo topic of great discussion and debate. Does prayer really work ? Who are we praying to ? Can I really get what I want or change my life by saying a pray ? ... What if I prayed for financial abundance and I didn't receive , would that prove that prayer doesn't work ?! ... hmmm, but that's not how prayer works.

Prayer is EMOTIONAL ... meaning, its not the words we say ... but the feeling we project out that is the real message. So, some may pray with something like "God, please send me more money". This type of prayer does not work because its not emotional. Asking this kind of prayer does not address the Emotion inside of us which is blocking the ability to receive more money ... the prayer that will work and is more true to our emotion is "God, please help me to understand what emotion in me is blocking me from receiving money" ... it wont be long before your law of attraction conspires a situation which highlights the emotional blockage of why money is not coming your way. I for example, learned that I had a lot of anger towards the banking system and authority in general. Do you think that if I have an emotion of anger within me about banks and systems that I will attract more money ? ... of course not, like anything else, money is attracted by love ... lesson being, I needed to learn to love the system, even if the system itself was not loving towards me.

Mainly in today's blog, I want to share that prayer is actually really cool, up beat and alive. It does not have to be the 'old fashioned' way of kneeling besides our bed before sleep repeating words that have emotional connection to us. Like I said 'prayer' is emotional, and so, are we not as humans always emotional ? that means we are constantly sending out prayers whether we know it or not, for our emotions are always at play.

Whilst I am writing this blog, I am actually in prayer. When we follow our passions we are connected in prayer ... and that's the beauty of following our passions and desires, its like a direct link to God, emotions powerfully flow. So try not to think of prayer as this stuffy old technique which only church goers use, but see it as a way to be creative and explore its possibilities. As I said the subject of prayer is so grand that I'm not gonna write any more on the matter right now, but please feel free to comment or ask questions and will gladly reply.

This clip from the movie 'Once' shows one man deep in prayer as he sings his heart out ... totally inspiring ... if I could sing and play guitar, I would pray like this man. Now come to think of it, why have I never prayed about whats blocking me to be able to sing and play guitar, right I'd better get to it xxx enjoy the clip