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Sunday, November 8, 2015


You can call me all the names under the sun for all I care,
your words can never hurt me - Gods light has already shined her Love upon my Soul,
and I've already felt the worst in me -
tis the reason I am forgiven.
Your words will burn and turn to ashes,
yet I,
will shine forever more.

My Soul burns Love for the rising sun,
and my Soul burns Love for my rising doubts,
as the rays of Love pour forth from God,
my heart shines through the darkened clouds.

Your tail will sting your very own tongue,
and you will die from the poison you reserved for me.
Nothing but death can be born from wickedness,
and you my friend hold no torch.

Yet nay, do not fret,
I am loved not more nor less than thee,
and you shall not be forgotten.

Our Mother and Father Love you,
they have you in their sight,
prayer to them my dear sib
and bring back peace to Life.