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Friday, April 27, 2012

My Birthday

Wow ... well yes, 27th April, its my Birthday. 34 years ago I was born into this world. It got me thinking about the whole process of birth. And the more I thought about it the more I was in awe. When I really stop to think about what is happening at birth, it can bring a tear to my eye. The whole thing is outstanding. There are so many things to factor. Once upon a time I did not exist on Earth.  First of all, my parents had to meet, and for that in itself to happen would have had its own story, twists and turns... and then I guess before that, my Grand parents would have had to experience their own fairy tale too. And of course my Great Grand parents would have had their 'coincidental' encounters to enable them to come together. These family meetings would have had to travel back to when time began ... Adam and Eve ?  another discussion in its self. Somehow, all those 'chance meetings' from my ancestors did occur, and they lead to the point of my conception, which I guess would have been around August 1977 ( hmmm I wonder if that's why I LOVE the hot weather ) and then I was born April 1978.

Not going to write much more than that now really. I just felt compelled to write a little today, and thought my birth was a good enough subject to write about briefly before I go off to work.

So I leave you with the thought of Creation. Imagine, we have the power to create what ever want with our desire (my mum and dad must have had desire to create me). Because of free will, we can create in a loving way or un loving ways. Wouldn't life be amazing if we only ever created from a place of pure love ? unfortunately we do not always do that, and thus we feel the resulting pain of creating from fear.

If I was to blow out my candles out on my birthday cake and make a wish ... My wish would be that every single Soul would be able to create their life born from True Love...wooooosh

Watch this link ... makes me smile

Happy Birthday


Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Soul Mate

When I was growing up in the North of England, I would hear people talk about Soul mates all the time. Although, they didn't use the term Soul mate, they used the phrase 'My other half '. And looking back, I really don't think for one minute that they actually believed that their partner was literally 'Their Other Half'.

Can it be true that we do indeed have a 'Soul mate' or an 'Other half ' ? I do not know with certainty that this is True, but my feelings these days is that, YES ... there is another half of me !
When I look at relationships in general, and hear of peoples feelings about being with a partner... nine times out of ten, everybody wants to be with 'The One'. There are so many books, poems, plays, films and songs all dedicated to the idea of the romantic love story, where boy meets girl and girl meets boy, (including same sex of course) and they live happily ever after. I would guess that even the hardest and coldest of hearts, secretly way down deep, have a yearning and longing, to meet their 'perfect' partner, who is out there ... somewhere ?

Although there are many books, poems, plays, films and songs dedicated to the Love of binding souls, the reality in the world demonstrates that the Soul mate relationship, definitely does not exist. I mean... How many times have hearts pounded, and stomachs churned when their eyes have met the eyes of 'the Other'. And it felt like the relationship would last forever. All hope and faith of ever lasting Love floods in with a promise of 'Yes, this is the ONE' ... And then, how many hearts are torn apart and thrown out to sink at the bottom of the deep dark sea, because after a while, somehow, they start to feel that 'THE ONE' has yet again turned out to be just... 'ANOTHER ONE'. The relationship stops being full of passion and desire, and its likely the belief of a Soul mate fades away like the mist. And so, we then settle for what we've got, or... the relationship ends, and with little hope, the search for 'Mr and Mrs Right' begins again.

There are many ideas of what a Soul mate relationship is, too many for me to write about in this post. So I will deliver the theory (slash/ Truth) that I have been feeling about. As always with the topics that I write about, the subjects are huge... and so, I have to scale them down, giving you just enough of the idea, and then, in your own time, you can further investigate it for yourself !!!

Lets start with the normal short story everyone is familiar with...

... You are born. You grow up into an Adult. You get married, sometimes happy, sometimes not. Maybe children arrive. You live to around 70 or 80 if your are lucky, and then you die. The End.

The other story I propose is this ...

You are a Soul ... a 'Whole' Soul, created by God. This 'whole Soul' is somewhere out there, floating in existence, long before you are born into 'this world'. Then... one day, your parents meet, 'fall in Love' and 'desire' to have a child. Through the Law of attraction, their desire is so strong, that it pulls 'half 'of the 'whole' soul down into Earth, and into the womb of your Mother. The other half is left behind so to speak. BUT, it's not long, (some years maybe) before another set of parents also desire a child. And then, once again, through the Law of attraction, the 'other half ' of the 'whole' soul is incarnated and pulled into the womb of another Mother. And this is how the 'Whole Soul' is 'split' into 'two halves' and the two physical bodies are born into two sets of parents.

... Lets say one half of the soul is in a mans body, and the other half is in a women's body. Soon enough, as life goes on ... both halves of soul will start to get the feeling that they desire to be, once again, joined as a whole. And thus... like in the romantic love stories, the search begins to spend the rest of your life with 'the One'.

... it would make logical sense, that the strongest attraction you would have to anybody in the world, would in fact be with ... the 'other half ' of 'you', right ?

... If the story goes to plan, you will indeed attract the other half of you into your life, and live happily ever after as the saying goes. And not only will you attract them into your life here on Earth, but the attraction will last even when you both die and become 'spirits' in the 'spirit world '. So yes, the important, unique and amazing thing about the Soul mate relationship is that it does indeed continue 'forever'... forever deepening, forever growing in Love, until the day that the two halves become re-united as One Soul... the original ' Whole Soul '. The soul cannot re-unite with any other soul apart from the other half of YOU.

That was a very gross way of explaining the Soul mate relationship/attraction. It is far more intricate than that of course, but it gives you an idea at least. And of course, the love story I just proposed, very rarely pans out that simply, and that's because at present, I believe the condition of our human souls are not in their purest potential form of Love, because of 'emotional wounds'. And so... we have to heal, and learn how to love in a way that was intended by God. It's a big ask... but it gives you something to think about and investigate ?

... like I said ... I do not know if it is True ... and Who knows, maybe the Truth is that we do not have such a thing as a soul... and there for no such thing as a 'soul mate'. Maybe we were never actually born from 'some place out of existence'... and maybe its true, that when we die, our life is officially over... nothing more than a few short years. Maybe Love, and the soul mate relationship does not exist ... and maybe life after death is wishful thinking, a story made up to comfort the hearts of people in grief... Or Maybe ... just maybe... the casual term 'my other half ' used loosely by the common person is actually true ... It must of come from somewhere right ? otherwise why does that phrase exist ? And who are all these 'mediums' who claim that they can connect with people from the 'spirit world', translating messages with astonishing accuracy from people who have passed away and so called 'died' ... Is it all chance and guess work ? Are they making it up ? ... I know for myself, it begs me to wonder ... is Love True ? and is Life eternal ? Is my other half out there ? ... Now that you have read this blog ... what do you feel ?

As always, Ive posted here a clip to emotionally engage my writing ;) enjoy