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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh Bloody Heaven ....

blood ! bloOD ! BLOOD ! Hey, whats blood got to do with it ???

For some reason the subject of blood has come up for me a few times in the last few weeks, so this gave me the impulse to share with you the question .. What does a 'Live Raw food' diet have to do with my blood ?

This is a HUGE subject, so I don't want to get too technical. My wish today is to pump some fresh inspiration into your blood stream, in hope that this information may flood your being and be remembered in your cellular memory.

I think a lot of people can already guess what some of the connections are between what we eat, and how that effects our blood. At the end of this blog I have posted a really great clip of Dr. Gabriel Cousens explaining this topic with some interesting visuals ..... before that ..... here are some reasons which get my heart beating and turned on to Raw foods......

1. pH balance - these are not just my initials, however they also mean ' potential hydrogen' ! And what does that mean to the Man on the street ... It's the classic 'Acid' or 'Alkaline' .. Ahhhh .. I see, well ... and ? Ideally your healthy blood pH level should balance some where between 0 and 14 on the litmus paper test (remember from school ?), like around '7' ish to be more exact. Cooked, sugar filled foods, alcohol, coffee, tea, animal protein, dairy and even too much fruit, all extremely tip the pH balance of your blood to become 'Acidic'. Your blood being too acidic is a major reason for a lot of ill health problems. Raw plant food is super 'Alkaline'. By eating mostly raw plant based foods, you radically stabilize your blood pH level, keeping you in the safe zone.

2. The Yogi's say ' Clean Body, Clean Mind' ... blood which is too acidic will become fungus filled. This will cloud and clump your blood, and in turn cloud and clump your mind .... Think about it ! (if your not too acidic to do so ) Also in Chinese medicine they say ' the mind is in the blood '

3. Plant blood which is called 'Chlorophyll' ( which gives it the green colour) is almost identical in chemical structure to that of Human blood. The difference being the central atom in Human blood is Iron and in Chlorophyll it is Magnesium. Chlorophyll has been researched to have a million and one health improving benefits.

4. ' Mosquito's do not breed a swamp ..... A swamp breeds mosquito's ' ....... indicating that if your blood is not clean .... it will not only be 'not clean' .... but it will ATTRACT more dirt. Mostly in the form of fungus .... its common to believe now that fungus in the blood can lead to CANCER !!!

5. My Dad had a heart attack last year and was then diagnosed with diabetes. (in fact it is very, very common that the diabetes is mis diagnosed first and then the heart attack knocks you off your feet). My Dad ate all the ' Acidic foods' under the sun. (Now he has changed his diet)

Don't wait for disease to strike you down before you change your diet, for then it could be to late ...................... here is Dr Cousens explaining more .... lots of love - Perry

Sunday, April 25, 2010

In the weeds .... !

Back when I was a bartender, we had a very famous saying which was " I'm in the weeds". This was code for " I'm really really busy on my side of the bar, and I'm not sure if I can handle it. PLEASE someone come and help me !!!! of course the cool bartender cannot say that out loud for the guests to hear, ( now I have let out the secret) hence he shouts to his other co bartender " I'm in the weeds".

This saying made me smile yesterday when I was in the garden clearing out the beds, in preparation for new planting ... Why ? because again, but now in my new life,this saying had come full circle and I was again ' in the weeds'. Only this time I was literally in the weeds, covered in stinging, sticky, dangly, stringy, strong green plants, which we call ' Weeds'. What is the difference between a plant and a weed ? maybe just the spelling !

I'm learning that weeds which grow in your garden are not just an annoying plant which can inhibit the growth of other plants because of their power, but they are in fact our ticket into the world of ' Super Foods '. We are accustomed by now to the ever increasing popular demand of super foods sold from all corners of the world like Maca, Cacao, Goji berries, Inca berries, Blue green algae, Camu camu and so on, which are all really amazing, high vibrational, condensed high powered mineral rich foods, which you can take to increase your vitality in one small hit.

BUT HEY ! ... what about going local ? weeds grow wild, free and are probably growing on your door step . There are so many weeds to share, so I intend to write them over a series of blogs, popping up here and there as weeds do, so you don't get too much too soon. Then you can go foraging for your own green powered super food to add to your favourite salads or dressings, and become strong as a weed.

Lets start with the ...

Chickweed - Named this because chickens like to eat it of course !

Where to find it ? - I found it spread all over in the green houses, growing wild in between many different plants. It can also grow out in the open on lawns, in sunny areas and in partially shaded habitats.

What does it look like ? - It grows low to the ground, forming mats around 16 inches long. It has small pointed oval leaves 1 inch long.

When can I find it growing ? - All year round... its a trooper !

Nutritional value ? - vitamins A,D,C and B complex and Rutin. Also in the mix we have iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, sodium, copper, and silica.

Medicine Magic ? Chickweed is really great for your skin, so get it in your diet to be radiant ! It can also be applied externally, chopped finely, added in a bandage for cuts, burns, rashes and eczema. Change the bandage often. It is also an old wives remedy for obesity

How to eat it ? you can eat it raw in salads or you can make a tea, by filling a 1/4 cup with chickweed, then add boiling water and let steep for 15 mins, then drink your brew.

here is my chickweed super food dressing - in a blender add ...

1 Avocado
1/4 cup olive oil
1 squeeze of lemon
1/4 cup Chickweed
2 table spoons of spirulina
pinch of salt

.... blend til smooth .... easy! Add to a salad to super charge it.

As soon as I found out about this amazing weed (last week), I have been eating it everyday, either wild or made as dressing shown above.

So there we have it ...... the first of many weeds you can now go and explore, pick and eat to add to your list of super foods.

Watch out for more weeds sprouting up on my blog soon ........

Don't kill your weeds ....... Eat them

- Perry

Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm not just RAW ..... I'm WILD

Well, I've been back in the UK now for a little over a week. I had a little stint in London, then I had quick visit to see my family up North. I have finally layed my hat in a little ole place called 'Forest Row,' way out in the English countryside. This is where I will be calling home for a while.

It is here that I am learning to become a ' Bio dynamic' gardener at a Rudolf Steiner education school for life. There are lots of things that excite me about this course, but for now I cant wait to share with you that .......

........ Today was my first day 'on the job' training, and I am over joyed to say that with my new knowledge and skills, I can now eat literally 'Off the land'. With my own hands and love, I picked my lettuces, kale, parsnips and radishes straight from the rich nutrient dark soil with worms and all, then half an hour later it was washed and cleanly prepared, ready to eat from my bowl ,with a nice dose of spirulina dressing mixed with wild nettles and parsley ........ This means that the food I eat it is in it's highest vibrational force, which we like to call 'Biogenic'.

Lets take a look at the different levels of food and see how that effects their energetic states, and ultimately .. YOU !

1. Biogenic - straight from the ground to your mouth
Highest life force, which will increase your own life force and increase your SOEF (subtle organizing energy Field). This will give you a sense of renewal, raise your consciousness, reverse aging and regenerate your whole being.

What to eat - Sprouts, Grass juice, Fermented foods, Super foods, Wild Food .

2. Bioactive - straight from the ground - shop shelf - to your mouth
Healthy life force, which will sustain you and enhance the healing life force in your being.

What to eat - Fresh raw produce, Unprocessed.

3. Biostatic - straight from the ground-shop shelf - cooked/not fresh - to your mouth
Depletes life force, depletes SOEF and will diminish your bodily functions.

What to eat - Cooked and not fresh produce.

4. Bioacidic - Straight from the ground - Shop shelf - Processed/High heat cooked- to your mouth
Drastically diminish life force, leaves toxic residue ,by products and mycotoxins (pollutes your blood causing fungus and blood clotting)

What to eat - Fried food, Fast food, High heated oil food .. Burgers and chips washed down with soda and sweets for example.

5. Bio- Scary - Straight from the science lab - shop shelf - cooked - to your mouth
GMO (Genetically modified), Irradiated,Chemicalized, Changes your DNA.

What to eat - non organic food, Microwave meals.

Now that you know the different energetic levels of food and how this effects your body and being, you may now think twice as to what goes straight into your mouth ..........

I hope this is helpful .....so go on ....... GO WILD

Acrobatic Troupes Prepare For 7th China Wuhan International Acrobatic Festival
Roar - Perry

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fasting For Peace

Hello everybody, this post is a message which has been passed on to me from my community family at the ' Tree Of Life' in Arizona http://www.treoflife.nu/ . I wish to spread this message and share it with as many people as possible. It is VERY important !!! If you missed the latest news there has a been an eruption in Iceland from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano. A magnitude 3.5 earthquake hit the volcano and eruptions have been causing 33,000 ft ash emissions. These Ash emissions have caused severe delays on most air travel in Europe and some international flights. Volcanic activity is not a speciality of mine, so I don't want write to much about what the nature of this means to out health ........... all I know is that when I was a child 'My Mother' would occasionally erupt on me and I would feel the full power of her feminine fire energy ..... this was because I had probably caused ' Chaos' (pissing her off big time, like the time my brother and I decided to launch apples at each other. We missed a lot of the time, so the whole house was covered in rotten splatted apples, not good!) and 'Order' was needed so that I would be natured and taught a lesson. I wonder .... Is 'Our Mother Earth' trying restore some kind of order from the 'Chaos' her children are causing to the planet ? Cause and effect is always an interesting subject. Read the passed on message below from ' The Tree Of Life' community and be inspired to 'Cause' positive vibrations which can help 'Effect' your life and the planet into positive waves to peace.....

Smoke billows from a volcano in Eyjafjallajokull

"Dear Friend,
we invite you to do something radical with us!
The world is at war on many levels. Chronic disease is on the rise. Violence pervades the Middle East. Animal agriculture is taking a devastating toll on ecosystems everywhere. Economic exploitation has become business as usual. Earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, and other symptoms of climate change are becoming common occurrences. Every twenty minutes another specie of plant or animal becomes extinct. Every year, 15 million children die of hunger. Proponents of genetically modified foods claim that they can solve this crisis, while hiding data about the destructive effects of these elements on human health and environments.
These are all symptoms of the “Culture of Death”. What can one do to effectively counterbalance these destructive forces, infuse Light into these dark places, celebrate the Culture of Life and protect all beings and Mother Earth?
The answer is simple: Fast and Meditate.

"When you fast, the Light will illuminate you and spread on Earth."
- Mahatma Gandhi
The concept of fasting and mediating for peace is not novel. For thousands of years mystics from all traditions have taught that we can change the world by changing ourselves. While an individual may impact his or her country by changing his own consciousness, a group of individuals have the power to change the entire planet.

On June 13, at Organic Avenue’s event center Space of Love on Suffolk Street, a week-long inner adventure will contribute to peace on earth by individuals becoming peace within.

Have you never fasted before? Then this is the time to experience a medical-supervised juice fast with a higher purpose. Throughout the week Gabriel will offer guidance and wisdom, give insights and educate, particularly on the value of a plant-source only diet.
Through juice fasting, the group will undergo immense physical healing and spiritual awakening. Practically speaking, they will reduce their carbon footprint by more than 80%.

We will be sending a wave of peace from Manhattan Island to envelope the entire globe! You are invited!
Register Yourself! Our intention is to unite a group of 150 dedicated people in New York City in order to positively affect the state of the world, by simply turning within – by fasting, by dancing, and by meditating."
Scroll to the bottom of this BLOG and click on the 'Juice Fast For Peace' icon to sign up and see the full details
Bleesings - Perry

Monday, April 12, 2010

What are my 3 T tips ???

My journey to London being a 'RAW FOODIST'-
After a two hour flight from Tucson to L.A. I had to wait for a two hour lay over until my next flight to Washington D.C..Five hours flying from L.A. which included a couple of nice in flight movies got me into Washington D.C. at 00:30 local time.So far so good, you might say ! Now comes the HIT... I had to wait in Washington D.C. airport for NINE hours until my connection flight to London was ready. If you have never had to wait in an airport over night for a connection flight, here is a quick insight to what it is like ... it's EMPTY. Not just empty, everything is closed. Actually it was not totally empty, there were the cleaners and one other guy sleeping across three chairs opposite to where I decided to slip in a quick yoga session.To cut a long story short,where do the 3 T TIPS come into play ?

Coming straight from the ' Tree Of life' rejuvenation centre to England forced me to experience the 3 T's !!!

1. Travelling
2. Transitioning
3. Temptations

As in life, one can only plan for so much, the Rest is up to you know who ! TIP NUMBER 1- Travelling all that way, I new that I would not find raw food kiosks by the plenty, if any at all. Back at the 'Tree', I packed my bag full of raw food goodies including a bottle of cold Brazil nut milk, which I had to drink before getting past security (We are the modern slaves). In L.A. I finished off eating all my fresh'ish by now salad box, full of greens and avocado. So there I am, a TRAVELLING RAW FOODIE walking my talk ..and feeling great ! Here comes the catch ...... I noticed I now had 9 hours to wait in Washington D.C. airport with a 7 hour flight pending, and my raw food supplies were GONE.. Ouch !

Close-up of an arrival departure board at an airport

This is where TIP NUMBER 2 comes in - Transitioning! So I had to make a quick decision, do I fast from food all the way, or do I take the hit and eat what is available to buy in the airport, and bless it with lots of prayers. Other wise I may not eat for 16 hours or more, and I was already hungry. Well, I took the hit, a small sacrifice one might say ( I know, I know, Jesus would of fasted). Breaking my 100% raw food diet, was a little sad for me ( This is were Jesus would of forgiven me), but It reminded me of the TRANSITION period which a lot of Raw food aspirants will come across, and this is my advice ...... ITS OK, you will not die ( not just yet) and stop judging yourself, we can only do our best with what we have got and where we are at ! It is far better for your BEING to transition in PEACE than it is to FORCE yourself to eat 100% raw food a 100% of the time.
So, with that in mind, I purchased 3 'nutritional nut bars' which advertised 'Power and energy'. I read the label of course, and there was nothing powerful about it, apart from the packaging which attracted me, although I may have received some kind of energy from the bars, which I guess was mainly sugars. It can take around 2 years to fully transition from cooked foods to raw foods and even then you may well be lead into....

Tip number 3- Temptations ! - Back in London, I was transitioning quite well, getting used to the busyness and pollution. I was enjoyably engaged all day on my first day back and didn't really eat that much at all, and then I realized this is where TEMPTATION creeps in.

So this is my tip... Try not to go hungry, because it is really easy to eat a quick junk food snack to tide you over until your next meal,and before you know it, one junk food meal, leads to one junk food dessert, and your vibration starts to decrease and attract everything that is junk, your will power will decrease and then the dark side will use this opportunity to steal your shining light.

My temptation came in the form of a pizza restaurant. When you're hungry, smells of cooked food will really get your gastric juices flowing. I even had a bag full of greens in my bag ready to chop and eat, but it still didn't stop me looking at the menu, to see if they had any vegan options. Finally I shook my head, and pointed for home to prepare my raw meal, eating most of it whilst making it. After finishing my sushi and salad, washed down with sunflower seed milk with maca and apricot, I was one satisfied human being, beaming with light. I also felt really pleased for taking that little bit of extra effort, which in the end made all the difference to the strengthening of my will power, kicking temptation into touch, although I'm sure it wont be the last time temptation strikes. Although now from my concious experience, I have my 3 T tips as a guide and reminder, and success will be that much easier.

The Temptation of Adam' :


1.When travelling, plan a head and pack lots of your favourite raw food to avoid hunger.
2.Don't beat yourself up in the transition period, REMEMBER peace is the way.
3.Follow the first two tips and temptation will not be an issue.

Until next time,


- Perry

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Waving goodbye with my bear claw

I could of stayed on my swinging chair out in the hot desert sun, listening to Snatam Kaur for EVER, although LIFE goes on, and I had to think about packing my bags, as today is my last day at the 'Tree Of Life' rejuvenation center. As I was walking down the dusty red mountain trail back to my dorm after breakfast, I was thinking how fast my three months stay here has been. At that very thought, a very small tornado whipped up the red dust in front of me, and swirled across to cut my path. I had to stop and smile as I acknowledged that as a reflection of my life right now.The wind blowing me into a new direction in which I have about as much control over as those small red dust particles being swept up by the vortex in the Angel of air.... all one can do is flow with it !

For my last shift at the ' Tree Of Life Cafe' I had to work the night shift, which I don't normally like to work. As I am learning what we resist shall persist, I quickly got over it, and as always when the resistance has been smashed, a miracle is born. So what was my miracle ???? ...... I learned from Kosan how to make RAW 'Bear Claws'. That sounds like another spiritual paradox, 'Live raw vegan food in the form of a 'Bear Claw'.... So how does that happen ? Well here is how ....


Pastry = 3 cups of soaked Almonds, 5 pitted soaked Dates,1/2 cup of ground Flax Date soak water

Filling = 2 cups of soaked Apricots or raisins, dash of Cinnamon,Lemon zest

Method for the Pastry - In a food processor, blend the almonds and the dates to make a paste. Then stir in the ground flax until you have a dough consistency. Split the dough into two balls. Roll each ball flat onto two texflex sheets, lets call them 'A' and 'B'. Sheet 'A' will be the base and sheet 'B' will be the topping.

Method for the Filling - Blend all ingredients in a food processor to reach a thick spreadable mixture.

NOW - spread the filling mixture on sheet the base( sheet A) evenly. THEN place sheet 'B' over the top of the base and filling to encase the whole mixture. Next cut the square into 9 small equal square portions (these are now your bear claws). Take the squares and with a knife slice four lines into the square as you would imagine a 'Bear Claw' to look like...

...And that's it !! Now all you have to do is place them in your dehydrator for about 8 to 10 hours, and your miracle will be born .. RAW LIVE VEGAN BEAR CLAWS.

Thank you Kosan and a BIG thank you to the 'Tree Of Life' community for all your blessings.

- Perry

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Are you turned on?

Welcome to my Raw Soul!

Today I give birth to my first post out in the Arizona desert at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center! I really look forward to sharing my passions and inspiring you with what inspires me. Next week, I will return to England to study biodynamic gardening for the next two years, in the countryside at the Rudolph Steiner school in Forest Row. Whilst I'm soaking up the sun and eating the finest raw food, I invite you to check out my latest article on the raw foods lifestyle in the March issue of Look magazine - the one with Cheryl Cole on the cover.

Until next time, love and blessings!