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Sunday, December 16, 2012

More Choices

Seems that my life right now is showing me how important it is to make choices, and to realize that it is I how has the power to choose ... Choose and then let go ! Enjoy

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The gift of Free will

The Chooser

God says, I give you the gift of free will, so that you, the chooser  may choose your fate - although your destiny is certain. I give you the gift of free will so that you may choose  to love, for true love will never be forced upon you, nor forced from you... love is a gift, and you have the choice to give and receive to your hearts desire, remembering, you will have to choose to love.. for love will never choose for you, although love will work with you, whence the courage in your heart activates love's cause

But the fearful hearts of humanity say no thank you, I let you choose, I let them choose, I wish to give up my will, for the responsibility is to severe. I give up my will, and I give up the gift you offer me - this so called free will. Anyway, It is not free, there is pain charged to its account, for I have withdrawn this love before, and it was indeed costly… I offered my love and it was scorched, I waited for love and it never came … So no thank you God, you can keep it, I choose to not have free will, and I choose to not trust in Love.

My child God says, you misunderstood the nature of the choices you made, and you misunderstand the nature of love. You were scorched because you did not give freely, for your demands prevented loves return. And love never came your way whilst you waited, for your wavering heart gave up its power to choose this gift and act upon loves impulse... The fear of being scorched twice made your choices, and the fear of being scorched thrice made you wait … twas this that gave you the illusion that love is painful. I tell you, love is never painful. Choose again my child, choose not to wait, for you may have to wait a lifetime… is it not true that humanity is in fear of love ? for they too have been scorched, and is it not true that humanity is still waiting. So do not wait any longer, be bold and desire to choose love now, for why would you wait ? And when you choose to love, choose to give freely … for a heart that gives without expectations is never disappointed... how could it be so? … Does a tree weep when it offers its fruit to an ungrateful hand ? nay I tell you - its branches offer more fruit, for it understands that her love is in the giving, and in her given so shall she receive, in ways the ungrateful hand has not yet discovered

So better to choose and act in love, rather than be acted upon in error. And if you choose to love and still get burned, choose to ask why ? choose to ask what was I expecting ? and love will gladly show you.

And so I give you … the gift of free will, and so now it's up to you... you have the choice to choose .